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that's some bad hat, harry.
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time of the incident, he is 6 feet tall and weighs 200 pounds. he has the tattoo of skull and cross buds on his upper right arm. if you have any information you're asked to contact san francisco police. also police just released this video, three young men held at the market on may 4th, no shots were fired during the robbery. police say they got into a dark cherokee. >> the nasdaq rose 42. for the week, the dow rose. the best week since july 2009. >> what is sending the market higher and if that momentum can -- >> reporter: the stock market
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is on a tear. for every thousand dollars invested in the s&p 500, that's the broad nature of the stock market, he made $56 this week. since the market's recession low in the fall of '09. you're just $76 short of the post recession high hit last april. >> it's been an excellent week. >> u.s. manufacture numbers are better than expected. gasoline prices are declining. japan tsunami recovery is well underway. and the debt crisis that could have imploded has been overted. >> we expect employment gains to keep gaining. we expect economy to keep expanding. >> the economy is spring loaded for growth. >> reporter: the u.s. does not default on its debts, the economic team leads far lining up. >> we may be coming into a period where we're going to see
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a spurt growth because it's been held back by large ray transitory or temporary factors. >> many people don't think this is relevant to them, the fact is millions of retirement accounts, 401ks and corporate investments directly depend on the stock market. >> san francisco -- filed papers today for ipo. popular facebook games, farmsville. analyst say the company could raise up to $1 billion in its stock offering. staying ahead nearly $600 million with a profit of $900 million. facebook ceo made a promise, he says the company would announce "something awesome next wednesday" he didn't say what, only that it would come from the company's office in seattle. it may be an app for the ipad
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or mobile sharing tool. over san francisco tonight, a warm weekend ahead, bill mark is back with tomorrow's forecast in about 8 minutes. they came to take effect today for medical residents it could impact who you see when you go to the hospital. >> bay area marine back on the front lines of afghanistan. his story and more straight ahead. completing an atm deposit in record time...
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that's a step forward. go! go! with deposit friendly atms, you can make ultra fast, secure deposits with no slips or envelopes. take a step forward and chase what matters. hospital patients have
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enough to worry about without wondering if their young doctor got sleep. after decades of concern there are some new rules for some but not all. here is more. >> reporter: julia, this all starts today. i read through this 19 page directive. major pains a-- it could impact hospitals, medical residents ap patients. california pacific medical center, she's a medical year resident. >> sometimes you get a little bit of sleep, there's definitely nights where you don't. >> reporter: starting today new rules are taking effect nationwide. first year residents can only work 16 hours in a row instead of 30 hours. they must have at least eight hours off between shifts. it's prompted by public concern over sleep depravation and safety. >> we've done this with airline pilots. it really seemed to be common
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sense that we are pushing the human body past its ability to perform well. >> julia has been fighting more than a decade to get these changes after her daughter was treated in 1991 by a resident that was sleep deprived. >> she explained to me that she had been up all night and that she was extremely tired and she couldn't think straight. >> some say it is a down side. long shifts do allow them to get to know patients and give continuous care without high doctor turn over. dr. paul said some hospitals this will have to use more attending doctors to see patients. >> but the problem is that the same type hospitals are facing cutbacks with medicare and so forth, they have to pay for very expensive care because residents basically are a bargain for most hospitals. >> reporter: simply hiring more residents is out of the question for some patients
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because medicare pays for the residents and reimburses the hospitals and they set a limit for each facility. ktvu, channel 2 news. federal aviation administration asked new steps to help keep air traffic controllers from falling asleep on the j. controllers can listen to the radio or read to help stay alert during over night shifts. it won't allow controllers to take naps though, even though scientists say that's the most effective way to refresh tired workers. a judge ordered a nigerian american to remain in custody today. the judge says there are many questions about about the intent. he was discovered on a virgin american flight last week. he was arrested on charges when he tried to use another expired boarding pass this week. napa police say they called
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robbers red handed as they -- park officials say it will cost about $25,000 to repair the damage. the copper itself is worth only a few hundred dollars. police say about 2:00 this morning officers arrested 39- year-old casey and 30-year-old jeremy davidson. investigators say they found the two men filling garbage cans with wire. it's the fourth time the baseball field has been hit in the past 4 years? they don't care about what they're doing, they're just there for the wire. no matter what the damage is, they don't care. >> 100 adult softball teams used those fields and won't be able to play at night until repairs are might. park officials say they could be -- >> deadly accident this week. on wednesday gregory maiier and richard fox were swept off the bridge. according to the chronicle, fox slid first, maiier then grabbed
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him while holding ton the bridge with his other hand. when he started to lose his grip on fox, he let go of the rail, tried and grab fox with both hands and that's when they were swept in. gregory maiier is still missing. former cia chief and congressman his new job today secretary of defense. he had a videotaped message to military men and women. >> we're to ensure that our nation continues to have the best train, the best equipped and the strongest military in the world. >> he has his work cut out for him while dealing with budget cuts. he said he won't allow the money crunch to weaken the military. he plans to visiting troops in the field this summer. a heroes homecoming just in time for the fourth of july. the marine returns to the bay area from afghanistan only on
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2ktvu talks with the young man why this independence day is so meaningful. >> reporter: an escort for u.s. marine, lance corporal riley walter his hometown street packed with family and friends, in the driveway a hand shake and a hug from dad. >> probably the proudest guy in town right now. >> reporter: and a long-awaited kiss from his high school sweetheart. >> it was one of the greatest feelings, you know, just being home. >> reporter: lance corporal riley walker comes home when the nation is set to celebrate the red white and blue. this young 19-year-old man knows the importance of independence day. >> from my experience it's definitely change. it makes me so much proud. there's a lot more honor in it. >> i mean, we were doing great things over there. >> your service, our freedom. >> reporter: he led walter's
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squad is a veteran himself. >> we need to celebrate more as far as old glory, red, white, blue. god bless america, you're here in the land of the free because of the brave. >> lance corporal walker served 7 months in afghanistan. his mother on his son's return this holiday weekend. >> it means so much to me now and so proud of him in the country, you know, just proud, so over well. ed right now with emotions. >> there's no doubt in my mind they raised me as good as possible. >> words from a proud son, a u.s. marine, home to celebrate his nation's independence. in fremont, ktvu, channel 2 news. santa chair county is working to get a better understanding of its homeless community. hundreds of homeless people and others lined up outside city
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hall to try to find housing and other services. today's event counts the 3-day survey to count the homeless population. an increasing number of families are among the estimated 7,000 homeless in the county. >> one of the most painful things to learn is how many folks that are seniors that are living outside. we had over 70 folks that are over the age of 60. >> they're creating a registry of names and photos of long- time homeless residents to help them get better care. 51 homeless people died on the streets last year. in the bay area cities, a low above the average in some spots and about where it could be along others. forecast overnight lows going to be in the 50 z. 69 in fremont. these are your overnight lows forecast, there's the fog. there might be a patch of fog
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in the morning, but it's warm out there right now. mostly 70s out at ocean beach. 80s out toward berkeley. look at the numbers come up. a couple of days ago we had rain. low mid-90s in the inland bay valley. broad rush when i come back at 10:45 we'll have pacifics for -- specifics for your neighborhood and i'll take you through all 3 days. we'll see you back here. long-time party place for the delta could reopen. delta has already been a popular spot for folks to enjoy the sun and party. now the owner said he is closed to getting all of the necessary permits and repairs completed to be back in business by next may. it closed in 2009 after deadly stabbing. former director of international monetary fund is a freeman tonight. what we're learning about the hotel housekeeper who accused
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suspected gang members had a massive raid earlier today. news chopper 2 as officers served warns. police are not releasing the names of the suspect as yet. the arrests is down from 2008 gang shooting that killed a man in hayward. the victim was 28-year-old juan carlos gomez as we reported that he was shot near kennedy park on 12th street. they later found the shooting happened during a robbery. a passenger in gomez car was shot but survived. santa cruise police said today they have busted an
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indoor marijuana farm. they seized about 100 plants and 20,000 plants yesterday. investigators say they received several tips from people. officers red tagged the building because of alleged problems with construction and wiring. there is no word of any arrests in the case. tonight the former director of the international monetary fund is free from house arrest. the attempted rape case against dominique may be falling apart. at the manhattan hotel they've accused now admits to lying in other situations. reporter holly has the latest. >> reporter: a shocking turn of events in the case against dominique. following a quickly called hearing friday morning, the french national was released on his own recognizant. he had been under house arrest but now allowed to leave his home. this comes after the credibility of the hotel maid
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accusing him of sexual assault was called into question. concerns were raised over contradicting versions of the actual event that occurred taff alleged incident. the victim also admits to making false statements of rape from her asylum applications. but the case is not dismissed. >> ours ares from the manhattan da's office will continue their investigation into these alleged crimes and will do so until we have uncovered all relevant facts. >> reporter: the hotel maid's attorney said there's medical evidence to support her claim. >> now, it is a fact that the victim here made some mistakes, but that doesn't mean she's not a rape victim. >> dna shows there was a sexual encounter between the two. he pleaded not guilty to 7 charges and he's due back in
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court on july 18. i'm holly in washington. >> a long official told the associated press that the concern is less about the rape accusation than questions about the woman's background that could potentially damage her credibility on the witness stand. outrage over the new state budget, the effects some people are already feeling just one day as governor's spending plan. get help from an unexpected source, how you can help keep parks from shutting down at the grocery store.
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thousands of travelers are here in the bay area are headed out here. aaa reports more people will travel by plane this holiday
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weekend. we found hundreds of pangs lined up to check in for their flight. other people chose to travel by train today. here is what it looked like this morning at the amtrak station. the passengers waited to catch a train and avoid the holiday traffic. so many chose to brave the congestion and hit the road to get to their destination. there was a steady flow of traffic for much of the day on i-80 and highways all over the bay area. the amount of vehicle traffic is still down compared to last year, thanks to the price of gas. despite a drop in recent weeks, prices in california are still up significantly from last year. aaa says right now the average price for gallon of regular is $3.80. it was $3.15 this time last year. with all those extra drivers on the road this weekend, police have extra patrols out as well. they are on maximum enforcement looking for drunk drivers. new at 10:00 -- one of many dui check points planned for this
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weekend. >> reporter: fireworks an barbecues are tradition on the fourth of july, so is this, police agency has set up a dui check point in order to make the streets and highways safer. >> what would you like? >> reporter: since 1990 when the supreme court ruled check points are legal, they err peer on holiday weekend. police say they do get drivers going through these check points with blood alcohol levels above the intoxication limit and the drivers go straight to jail. >> celebrate all you want, there are other means of getting around. do not get behind the wheel if you've been drinking and we tell people not to get in the car with drinking drivers, well, it's just not working. police this weekend are not just waiting for truck drivers but are actively looking for them too. >> a typical weaving -- weaving
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from lane to lane, following to close. >> reporter: nick does that following a saturation patrol and many say it will happen. one job this week send to get the drug off the streets. >> what do you think of this, it kind of -- i think he's good. i wasn't intentionally going -- that would be good. there will be a lot of drinking, definitely. >> what you see going on right now is someone getting a sobriety test. we're not saying that -- that's in the the case. but police are making sure. you know, two years ago in 2009, 7 people died in california of related deaths, 325 are injured. all police are saying, have a good time this weekend, but think before you get into a car and you're intoxicated. it didn't take long today for a jury in martinez to decide that a woman -- what a
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woman was saying when she tortured and killed her niece. she had been convicted of her niece. now davis faces up to two life sents. the returning claim she suffers from severe medical illness. west nile virus has two parts. county official just reported a death bird found was carrying the office. officials report infected birds as well as infected sample of mosquitoes. to avoid infections, apply mosquito repellant at rain and dusk. >> well, california has a new budget, a lot of people are going to start to feel the effects of budget cuts. if you use allen to take us behind this numbers and shows us the shoe man impact.
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>> every day we're not organized. an angry boy is not interested. we'll see you away. >> 80 people gathered for the social services agency in oakland. on day one they wanted the state budget. >> reporter: this is a sample of the number of people will be effected. an estimated more than $2 million will close. >> the govern net budget didn't include 16 other dollars that's in case. her payment will be 25 millionless than it was a month ago. >> reporter: she says her benefits will also be cut. >> you can't have any medical -- exmoney or mine. >> the protesters argued there is money in the system.
10:34 pm
there's said republican lawmakers didn't really pump your finger around tie. >> i think we're getting closer to -- i'm not providing enough support to people. >> some say they are guardingly off to mystic. it happened again, but nobody knows where you are and will have to do with less and some will continue to rally against it. >> we're in there for the long haul here. >> ktvu, channel 2 news. the university of college is making up for lost money in the uc budget. they're expecting to lose about $150 million. the board of regions is considering astucious hike. that would mean the annual tuition would go up about $1,000. or you can raise percentage eight before, private public ships -- has agreed to donate 5% and for every bag you use
10:35 pm
for the black, for bailees red hair. more importantly, they're closing 70 of the 278 parks by july of next year. those green buses are becoming party buses. the bee shuttle buses will operate friday and saturday night. the idea is to help get people out to enjoy the restaurants and night life more easily. the buses will run between jack lean and square and you've forgotten it's his birthday. >> what day is this that helps the homeless? coming up. >> temperatures are going up as well. plus check out what happened at the giants' game tonight, bryant wilson could have ended up losing whatever. >> you're doing to end up finding out what is it and let me know.
10:36 pm
because right now you're making me you are gist. >> tonight at 11:00 the man traveled.
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wild fire burning in new mexico is now moving away from the town. but firefighters aren't ready to let the residents return just yet. strong winds are going down to get the fire under control.
10:39 pm
since sunday it has spread to more than 1,000 acres. fraternity brothers who know what it's like to lose their homemade street lights more variable. the -- they said 10 days ago destroyed the house everything in it. they've gotten a ton of donated clothes way more than what they can use. >> they say sacred heart and community center. >> she especially needs meds and allergies. >> a stolen ipad out of their car window. a burglar alarm went off at about 1:00 this morning at a best buy in sacramento. three men took off from the scene, during the day investigators say one of the men he developed during i had. the peed used his trip to focus the car. they arrested the three men without incident. in libya one of the largest
10:40 pm
broke up still designed today. and in a telephone message mr. gadhafi threatened to carry out attacks in europe. in his homes, oftens, and families it let's nato stop its air tracks. questions are being raised about the president of javier. he had a cancerous tumor removed. it's not sure how long his recovery will take. he's been a magy trying to cut -- depend on his long force. because no matter what, he's still daniel's age. thousands of people protested today. the 14th anniversary of the take over, in this year's march they're anger was about property cost as the growing divide. hong kong is the only place in china where people can take part in such open protest.
10:41 pm
they're celebrating a big life big victory tonight. he was borned to a heart condition that led to three major open cert surgery. now they're headed to championship team. >> i just went down into the slide and caught it and it made me feel really good. >> jack said he started playing baseball a year ago. his parents and coach say they are so proud of how far he's come. a u.s. trip with gone fun. with sales today but it didn't get far. and chief meteorologistist is tracking temperatures for the long holiday week ahead. which day is going to be the work this about 6 minutes. i want to crush more cars.
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♪ i want to sell more tea cups. ♪ i need help selling bread. ♪ i want to sell more crabs. [ male announcer ] you know where you want to take your business. i want to design more buildings. [ male announcer ] in here, small business solutions from at&t can get you there. starting with the at&t all for less package -- just $70 per month, voice plus broadband. it's the at&t network. helping you do what you do... even better.
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authorities say a caught fire near an apartment building an burned the outside of the garage. everyone in that building got out safely. investigators were called in to determine how the fire started. bay area protesters on board a ship bound for the gaza strip including color purple actor alice walker were prevented from sailing out of greece. they spent the day with bay area reporters who are anxiously watching the develop. >> this was command central today for news about the float. steve greece has waitenned kathy sheets is on board a u.s. ship. >> they've been making threats of violence. >> reporter: why didn't you go on board. >> because i'm a burry.
10:45 pm
>> reporter: she stays behind as media coordinator for the hotel try to break israel's sea blocking and deliver a to the palestinian people. >> it's difficult and about the human rice and the people at all. >> the u.s. ship had audacity to make more earlier today from greece. it don't like to be escorted back from shore. the ship is carrying u.s. sweaterred to palestinian. last year it ended with israeli commando voiding the strip. 9 activists died. each side blamed the other for starting the violence. today officials at the israel compound says, the potential of bad habits. that's how it was for somebody else. which is terrible organization against to the your'ian union.
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very we have no step but to control you the best way i know how. >> reporter: for now it's stuck in a green port bay area activist still bowing to get to dad's edge. >> they plan to stay on the job while they work out a controversy. they were planning one day strike, operating the -- the worker is still un8:00 p.m. tonight. an issue on several packages from workers lose their job to ticket machines. >> car sales were up last month, but -- at a slower pace than expected. new numbers reveal over all sales in june fell short. gm enforced at national sales at 10% last month. the to da that handed them fell 21% while he ganged 11%, less than projected. he told me that he wanted
10:47 pm
to run to the beach. new studies say digging in the sand could potentially lead to infectious from a variety of germs and viruses such as salmonella, stab, hepatitis, you're cutting edge to this. children are most susceptible. >> as we're doing this test run, there will be a ball of sands. >> how deep do you want to go. >> researchers found that maybe just in a wall of storm charges. -- they recommend washing hands especially before heating and washing it again before after home. if you're heading out to the beaches this week, there will be some nice weather for you, watch out on the side. patchy fog right now, not showing any shade. temperatures along the coast, mid to upper 50s downtown san francisco goes quite buzzing
10:48 pm
right now. look at conyers, you know, it's warm out there and you know we have nowhere to go. so started out with that rain fall, that record rain fall earlier this week, we're back to where we should be, these are our highs for today and for tomorrow. sunday should be the warmest day, then monday still very warm, not very quite. t and t80s. here is the deal, saturday morning this is all forecast. only at the bottom really on your tough time, there could be patches of fog to put down ocean be successful or what. watch out how quickly it goes away. >> u.s. costal plans, you should be playing on them. >> more clouds and it's going to burn off very rapidly, i mean, by little -- you should say easily. 2:00 afternoon daytime high look at the east of valley.
10:49 pm
creeping this way. more of you coming this way at the colorful handy bargaining this way. >> we're looking at temperatures to be at his -- pretty warm. the lore pressure wants to move, fine. temperatures in the 90s for many. tune in for when you see the high school temperatures. fireworkers should be fine whenever the real estate stops smoking. you feel fireworks because there's a flaw as well. we're not looking at a big stratus, it's not a lot of fall, i think it will be chilly out there, take a jacket mark dials isn't there this weekend. she'll be in the morning. two new show on weekend. >> saturday and sunday with claudia long and mike beat ton. we won't be doing that. >> let me let you know, out of
10:50 pm
the picture really nice weekend. fire danger elevated but because it rained. the few moistures are higher, even though it's a high risk of danger and doing this if we're going to be part of the fourth of july sale. >> this situation we've seen before. >> all right, thanks, bill. freed up new yorklers in florida. boy will they get a surprise when they came face to face. whale shark is the largest fish in the orb yaging up to 15- pound. despite its fear some name and val salve, this one swam for about 30 minutes. less than touching. the camping saying this was the first one he has seen him year in his 20 years at sea. >> the royal knewly wednesday were heading back as they had to california next week and that includes meeting the governor. they kicked off their northern
10:51 pm
tour in canada today. they'll be greeted at the los angeles international airport on friday. the governor's office of today he plans to talk about the strength of the uq's relationship with car go -- grandma is bark. >> now you know, you can sit there and across get what i cloud. it's about 30 miles an hour, it's about strip, one time two dollars. it will be available every day 11:00 to 7:00 all summer long. >> up next tonight, getting ready for the big somehow down. >> that's preparing to cause another evening count done.
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narrow escape for a -- form formal coverage of the bay area. >> police are investigating.
10:54 pm
high land, tundra. and tacoma double cab, 0% financing on thousands of toyotas in stock. now that's something to celebrate. get here early for the best selection and do it today. because toyota's july 4th sale event end tuesday. san jose is getting ready for big day monday, the annual fourth of july hot dog eating contest. today he was tied for -- it's four time champion of nathan's hot dog eating concept. this year there will be a separate event for women and several for soldier, the black widow thomas. >> those contacts just don't look out for those things. it was a heated night for brian wilson. it was not that head. >> great game, from the bearded one, the wheels nearly come
10:55 pm
off, just another head shaking victory for the giants. it also brings with us really a few concerns what is going on with perspective. he had already blown and said in the eighth inning, he left a gardner. it's great. he said he gave up running 1-1, he runs up as pack low comes there u. it was followed by basis. he got to pick up 4-1 lead into the bottom of the ninth. world trip is going to pay it, there you go with the bases loaded single 2. it's -- i don't know how the giants are going to fit, but this is just not cool, i don't know if they should put up with that. but he is cool. he gets bred botched to line out the brandon just on 2nd, the aa -- the giants ease one
10:56 pm
out 4-3. years ago the player had the name of giant, it sir injured so often we called him crystal. the as have a samble on the list. he's been on the disabled list three times in in his career. >> after 60 days off, he goes six innings, six strike outs and giving them two runs in arizona. he didn't hurt himself. it was 1, 1, 1 with hurricane in the fifth inning. he has scored four runs. maybe the biggest of them all down the right field line 2 run double may build a 5-1 lead and heart would get the victory in his first game back. and with help, they're fired up about looking at chris, nonchalantly go back and make a great catch into the deadly. helped the giants go up three games. in the meantime they'll have to flow colorado rockies.
10:57 pm
they'll dig it. make it work. after he was traded, he had a sickle, double, and they're doing an easy win over kansas city and they find themselves near the base, no. 1 in the world. no matter what happens. i mean, wilbedon final will be back untried. >> fire in the park in a semi final match with the presence and makes it so the former no. 1, defending champ brought me out in that doll. i can see more person is spending back in new york. that's a sporty life for friday night. >> all right. >> i like the way that friday sounds. thanks, mark. be sure to join ktvu morning news. it begins at 7:00 tomorrow morning. we try to do the same shows on
10:58 pm
saturday every week. ,. >> thanks so much for joining us everyone.
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